Rights of Light Modelling

Lane & Frankham provide the geospatial information from which rights of light specialists can perform their analysis.

A “right to light” is an easement that gives a landowner the right to receive light through defined apertures in buildings on his or her land. Rights to light are valuable: they give landowners certainty that natural light will continue to be enjoyed by a property – increasing its utility, value and amenity.

Detailed laser scanning either via terrestrial laser scanning or drone provides the raw data from which CAD modelling is produced. Typically provided as 3D Solid CAD models, models can also be constructed in Revit or as 2D plan and elevations if required.

Often by extending the extent of scanning during the procurement of a measured building survey, data can be captured sufficiently to produce the modelling for Rights of Light analysis without dramatically increasing the cost of data collection.

Information can either be modelled at the time of  the measured building survey or banked for later in the design process, shortening the timeframe to produce the model when the need arises.