Lewisham Station Platform Survey

It was noted that at the country ends of platforms 1 & 2 at Lewisham Station that the platforms are low. It was unclear if this was as per the original installation or if subsequent movement has caused the platforms to fall, it was decided to instigate a monitoring programme.

Working with the Engineers, Frankham land surveyors designed a scheme to install a series of retro targets on the face of the platform supports, establish their position relative to fixed control stations off site and cross-reference the results against observations to further off-site targets to ensure that any movement observed was not caused by changes to the control. Once the targets had been established, their position was observed at three monthly intervals and the results tracked in spreadsheet format determining movement from last visit and overall movement from initial installation.

Frankham Engineers were then able to understand any movement, interpret likely causes and finally make informed recommendations to the client based on accurate data.

Ede and Wilkinson


Structural & Civil Engineering, Topographical Surveying